Cash and other valuables in transit

Covert, uniformed, armed and unarmed solutions tailored to your needs

Cash and other valuables in transit

Ace Security have the facilities to operate a secure and fully insured service for the logistics and management of cash and other valuables. With an innovative approach to the cash requirements of small, medium and large companies, operating to the highest standards of training and security. Whether it be a one-off job or a regular service, all tasks are performed discreetly and promptly to ensure the protection of your valuables.

Services can be tailored to suit your business needs, offering;

  • covert unarmed,
  • uniformed armed or
  • any other combination to suit your business needs.

Cash and valuables in transit
Our services include:
  • Banking collection service
  • After hours service
  • Change delivery service
  • Cash counting services
  • Vending machine clearances
  • Event Guarding and clearances
  • Valuable transports